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1. Sanctuaries: Night Photography, Ancient Khmer temples in Thailand. 2018

2. The Mekong: A Mercury-Jupiter conjunction at winter equinox. December, 2018

3. Jupiter's and Venus' adventure the month before their conjunction in late January, 2019

4. The Lake house I: Moon-rise, Saturn, Venus Jupiter and Antares in primo February, 2019

Celestial Bow
Sony RX10, 2019-02-02, at 04:54, manual, single shot,
ISO 4000, f2.8, 15 sec., focal length in 35 mm film: 24 mm.

Venus-Jupiter rising from the Mekong. December,2018 (see '2' above)

Doorway of ancient Khmer mountain temple and the Milky Way. (see '3') above.


28 January 2019 Asger Mollerup

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Mercury and Jupiter